David Eakin

Painting--especially landscapes--enables me to view and react to the world and the people around me. Rearranging and composing the patterns and compositions I see and sharing them has been a crucial part of my life for the past thirty years. Experimenting with different media and using new techniques enables me to explore the constantly changing visual world that so often goes unseen--the light at a particular time of day, the color of shadows extending across a field, trees that become figures. At this point in my career, however, I am finding working in oils the most satisfying medium for capturing what I am trying to express in my work. I know I have succeeded with a composition if I have learned something new during the creative process. It is very important for me to participate continually in classes and workshops as well as to interact with fellow artists and other people who understand why art matters.


1Morning Valley Reds

2Midnight Glow

3Clouds Over the Ridge

4Blue Ridge Trio

5Harbour Bridge Small

6Figure in the Door

7Face in the Bridge

8Pacific Coast