Lyndi Angermeier

Lyndi Angermeier’s paintings have evolved from her study and love of nature and the effects of sunlight. Recently, she has begun to see herself as a colorist. One finds shapes and structures within her abstract landscapes that are faintly sketched and intentionally indistinct, evoking a sense of longing and memory. She hopes that the viewer will search for the thread that connects them to their own history, offering their own interpretation of the imagery. Making art connects this painter to the deepest parts of her joy, helping her explain the world to herself and those around her. Lyndi’s art is how she has chosen to serve others… authentically, passionately.

Autumn Patchwork_Angermeier_thumb
Back Yard_Angermeier_thumb
Billowy Clouds_Angermeier_thumb
Blue Boat_Angermeier_thumb

Autumn Patchwork_AngermeierAutumn Patchwork

Back Yard_AngermeierBack Yard

Billowy Clouds_AngermeierBillowy Clouds

Blue Boat_AngermeierBlue Boat

Fishing Boats_AngermeierFishing Boats

Fruit and Blossoms_AngermeierFruit and Blossoms

Reflective Facade_AngermeierReflective Facade

Sailing into the Sunset_AngermeierSailing into the Sunset

Summer Stream_Angermeier

Fishing Boats_Angermeier_thumb
Fruit and Blossoms_Angermeier_thumb
Reflective Facade_Angermeier_thumb
Sailing into the Sunset_Angermeier_thumb